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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership
Planning Partners Report Progress

Planning Partners Report Progress

The Great Marsh Community Resiliency Planning Project was given a big boost in 2015 by a grant received by the MA Office of Coastal Zone Management’s Coastal Community Resiliency Grant Program to support enhanced outreach and education. The CZM grant is supporting Ipswich River Watershed Association’s work with the Town of Essex, the National Wildlife Federation, and the other five Great Marsh coastal communities, to produce monthly e-news, blogs, mapping, workshops, and print materials. Our goal is to increase public awareness of climate change in the Great Marsh region.

We are particularly proud to share the news that MA CZM was one of three finalists for the American Society for Adaptation Professionals’ 2015 “Prize for Progress in Adaptation.” This annual award honors people or projects throughout Canada and the United States who are shining examples of progress in building climate resiliency. MA CZM earned this honor for their exemplary Coastal Community Resilience Grants program started in 2014. These grants directly support coastal communities by providing financial and technical resources for proactive efforts to address current and future coastal flooding and erosion while maintaining important natural shoreline systems.

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