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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership


To protect and restore the valuable aquatic resources of the Great Marsh region between the Merrimack River and Cape Ann with a focus on the area’s major contributing watersheds, the Parker, Ipswich and Essex Rivers.


The Partnership works to achieve its mission by focusing on efforts that seek to address the following broad environmental goals:

  • Enough Fresh Water: Restore the natural flow regime to the extent technically feasible, so that our rivers have enough water to sustainably support both human and ecological needs. This also includes consideration of the watersheds’ capacities to attenuate peak flow events.
  • Clean Water: Ensure that the water in the Parker, Ipswich and Essex watersheds and the Great Marsh estuary meets clean drinking water standards (where applicable) and supports aquatic life and other uses.
  • Healthy Ecosystems: Restore and protect physical habitat and biological communities that maintain ecosystem functions, resilience and native biodiversity throughout the PIE-Rivers region.

Each partner brings to the table a unique set of interests, abilities and expertise, allowing the partnership to leverage this diverse skill set to achieve its mission. Additionally, the federal, state and municipal partners each have their own jurisdictions and mandates within which they are able to work. Our restoration approach is not to prescribe to individual partners what they should do, specifically. Rather, the goal is to provide the communication forum and tools to allow partners to work together better and understand how their ongoing or planned efforts fit in with the rest of the work in the region, and to function more effectively and strategically as a team than we could individually.

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