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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership

Our partners are conservation and community leaders representing a wide range organizations, state and federal governmental agencies, and municipalities. We share the common goal to promote healthy rivers and ecosystems in the coastal rivers of northeastern Massachusetts. PIE-Rivers was formed to increase communication, coordination and collaboration between those involved in restoration, preservation and management of the watersheds.

The partnership is open to representatives of municipalities (any municipality that has land within the region or sources water from the watersheds), state and federal agencies, academic institutions, non-profits and interested citizens. PIE-Rivers is governed by a Steering Committee and divides the main work tasks among two sub-committees:

PIE-Rivers partners at the Ipswich River Watershed Association office during a meeting in March 2014.

Current Partners

Use the grid below to explore the list of current partners and their committee affiliations. Click on any partner logo to learn more about their organization’s role. For more detailed descriptions of individual committee roles and membership visit the committee pages linked above.

Becoming involved and taking advantage of what the partnership can offer is free and easy.

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