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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership
Stream Continuity And Infrastructure Assessment Project Update

Stream Continuity and Infrastructure Assessment Project Update

The summer of 2015 was marked by a big data collection push to help identify and prioritize problem in-stream barriers throughout the PIE-Rivers region. In June, field crews began the arduous task of collecting precise measurements including bridge dimensions and elevation data at all major road-stream crossings in the three watershed area (plus Salisbury). Our crews have already surveyed over 550 sites and will be wrapping up this effort in the next few weeks, just in time to have our partners at Trout Unlimited run the information through models to test how the structures might fair during large rain storms. Over the next few months we will be using the results of this and a number of other partner-led investigations to develop the most thorough analysis of barriers (including road-stream crossings, dams and seawalls) that the region has ever had at its disposal. We will be partnering with interested communities to use these results to plan for the future with an eye on both ecology and infrastructure vulnerability.

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