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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership
Ipswich High Students Explore Sea Level Rise

Ipswich High Students Explore Sea Level Rise

Working with PIE-Rivers partner Liz Duff from Mass Audubon and teacher Lori LaFrance, Ipswich High School students have been analyzing storm surges and sea level rise maps to identify areas most vulnerable in their town. On April 13th, more than 30 students shared their findings with the public, prompting discussion of how the town plans to address these vulnerable places. One student demonstrated his concerns by a video of flooding along Jeffrey’s Neck Road this past February.

One way the town is responding to these kinds of concerns is by working as a partner in the Great Marsh Resiliency Planning Project. Kristen Grubbs, Ipswich River’s Planner and one of the project managers, presented the Ipswich students and citizen audience with a summary of the Great Marsh project. The students and town leaders will continue to work together to explore ways to raise awareness on issues of climate resiliency.

Another effort students have developed to enhance understanding of the importance of dialogue around climate change will be a Facebook forum on Climate Change in Coastal Communities. Several students from Manchester-Essex Regional High School launched the forum this month, as a place for students and citizens to share information and learn.

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