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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership

Lead Organization: Merrimack Valley Planning Commission

Project Contact:

Joe Cosgrove, Environmental Program Manager, MVPC
978-374-0519 x16

Merrimack Valley Stormwater Collaborative (External Site)

About the Project

One of the four near-term PIE-Rivers priorities is to help towns work on stormwater issues. Thanks to the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission and a Massachusetts Community Innovation Challenge Grant, multiple PIE-Rivers towns joined together in 2015 to form the Merrimack Valley Stormwater Collaborative. The group’s new website is a clearinghouse for best practices related to municipal system stormwater management and other resources. As the PIE-Rivers mission explains, watersheds are complex systems and are best managed with an approach that considers the interconnectedness of resources. Similarly, making stronger connections among the towns is sure to help collaboration on our PIE-Rivers action items!

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