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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership
The deteriorating Curtis Pond Dam from upstream (May 2012)



July 2012

Project Team

  • Town of Danvers
  • MA Division of Ecological Restoration
  • Ipswich River Watershed Association
  • NOAA Restoration Center
  • Middleton Stream Team

Project Contact: Beth Lambert (MA DER)

Project Website (external)

About the Project

Removed in June of 2012, the Curtis Pond Dam removal is the first in a series of dam removals in the Ipswich River Watershed. This dam was removed to restore instream flow, migratory fish passage and improve river habitat. In particular, this removal will benefit river herring and American eel, two species that are being evaluated for the federal endangered species list. The dam has been deteriorating over the years, and by removing it, the owners (town of Danvers) will avoid future liability and upkeep.

Dam removal construction and channel restoration was completed in July 2012. A post-implementation biological and physical monitoring report is available at the main project website.

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