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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership

Improved Stream Crossings: Flood-Resilient, Fish-Friendly . . . [Workshops]


This crossing on Bronson Brook in Worthington, MA was designed to safely withstand high flows and allow natural river processes to take place.


Complete (2013)

Toolkit and Actions

Community Involvement

Monitoring and Technical Support

Lead Organizations:

  • Massachusetts Rivers Alliance
  • BayState Roads

Project Contact: Julia Blatt (MA Rivers Alliance)

Workshop Page (External Site)

About the Project

The workshops provided municipal staff, consulting engineers, state agency personnel and others with tools to design and build improved road stream crossings to protect both public safety and the environment.  The workshops include information about stream ecology, stream crossings standards and permitting, engineering standards and guidance, case studies, and technical and funding resources.

Workshops were held at six locations across the state in 2013, including three workshops in eastern MA in October 2013 (Wakefield, Taunton, Marlborough).

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