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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership

Design and engineering began in summer 2014 and the dam is scheduled for a 2016 removal. Funding from a variety of sources including the Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Program, Massachusetts Environmental Trust, Division of Ecological Restoration and American Rivers will go toward implementing this project.

View of the South Middleton Dam from the north bank of the Ipswich River

View of the South Middleton Dam from the north bank of the Ipswich River


Feasibility - Complete (2011)
Design Engineering & Permitting - Active (2014 - 2018)
Construction - Planned (2018)

Project Partners

Project Contacts

  • Brian Kelder (IRWA)
  • Kristen Ferry (MA DER)

Project page (external site)

About the Project

Bostik, Inc. is concerned about the long-term maintenance, liability and environmental costs associated with the dam and would like to remove the dam if it is economically and logistically feasible. IRWA, began collaborating with Bostik, Inc. in 2008 and in 2009, received grants from the Gulf of Maine Council/NOAA Habitat Restoration Partnership and the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration to assess the level of sediment contamination behind the dam and the infrastructure needs of the adjacent factory site. Bostik, Inc. also contributed to the study. In 2014 the project partners were able to secure funding from a variety of sources to support the design and implementation phases of this project.

Thanks to these generous funders and the support of Bostik, this restoration project should be completed in 2016!

This project was funded in part by the Massachusetts Environmental plate-troutTrust. Funding for MET grants comes from sales of three environmental license plates. Please consider choosing one of these plates when you register your car and help to Preserve the Trust.

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