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Parker-Ipswich-Essex Rivers Restoration Partnership

Priority Actions

Our partners have identified specific types of effort to focus on in the near-term (2015-2016). Explore these areas and a complete list of recommended actions.

Measuring Progress

Sustainably healthy watersheds are a long-term goal. We track a range of biological, physical and social measures to see how our efforts are doing and where they can be improved.

Municipal Services

A range of services to provide cost savings and support municipal efforts to (1) comply with water-related regulatory requirements and (2) scope, fund and implement on the ground projects.

PIE-Rivers Basemapnew


To protect and restore the valuable aquatic resources of the PIE-Rivers region through partner-driven implementation of measures that promote enough fresh water, clean water and healthy ecosystems


The PIE-Rivers region refers to the combined watersheds and estuaries of the Parker, Ipswich and Essex Rivers in northeastern Massachusetts. This area encompasses all or parts of 28 towns. The Parker, Ipswich and Essex River Watersheds and Great Marsh offer some of the most outstanding ecological resources in Massachusetts.


Our partners are conservation and community leaders representing a wide range organizations, state and federal governmental agencies, and municipalities. PIE-Rivers was formed to increase communication, coordination and collaboration between those involved in restoration, preservation and management of the watersheds.


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